Kasvo in English

What is Kasvo ry?

Kasvo is the roof student organisation of the school of education. Underneath our rather big roof live our student organisation OKA (primary school/class teachers), ITU (early childhood education), MENTOR (lifelong learning and education) and TAMAUS (subject teachers).

Kasvo makes sure every student organisation will be treated equally in the school of education despite their amount of current students. KASVO wants to work towards united student organisations in the school of education and be the medium of all kinds of acts of cooperation within the walls of Virta, the headquarters of school of education.

For international students, we have all kinds of events and amazing tutors that will help you with anything you need! Also our international organizer will help you and give you more information about us.

In case of any inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact: kasvo-hallitus@uta.fi

Learn more about the school of education! Link below:

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